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    Molded resin
    NameCategoryViscosity25℃/pa.sGel time25℃/minParticularity and use
    568Phthalic1.20~2.008~14High reactivity, thickening and stability, the product has the advantages of high strength, high gloss, smooth surface, suitable for SMC / BMC products
    588Neopentyl glycol1.50~2.008~15High reactivity, thickening stability, products with high strength, heat resistant water, high gloss, smooth surface, suitable for SMC / BMC products
    516P-Benzene2.50~3.5010~25High reactivity, high strength and good toughness; suitable for the production of manhole covers and other products
    198Phthalic1.50~2.009~17Stable thickening, high gloss; general-purpose SMC resin
    109Phthalic1.50~2.009~17Good toughness, high gloss, good electrical properties; suitable for BMC products
    209M-benzene2.00~3.008~14Chemical resistant, high strength, high gloss, low shrinkage BMC resin
    260M-benzene2.20~3.209~13High reactivity, low shrinkage, boiling resistant SMC resin

    * Note: The above data is for reference only, please confirm again before choosing, our company reserves the right to modify the product data due to development