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    Pultrusion resin
    NameCategoryViscosity25℃/pa.sGel time25℃/minParticularity and use
    330Phthalic0.35~0.555~10Pultrusion molding of FRP rod and tube resin
    331Tetrabromophthalic anhydride0.30~0.502~8Reactive flame retardant pultrusion resin
    605M-benzene0.70~0.9010~15Good glass fiber infiltration, high mechanical strength and heat resistance, suitable for weak acid and alkali rods and profiles
    616Phthalic0.37~0.619~15High strength, good toughness, high heat deformation temperature, suitable for rods and profiles
    901M-benzene0.70~0.908~15High strength, good corrosion resistance, suitable for producing high-grade rods and profiles

    *Note: The above data is for reference only, please confirm again before choosing, our company reserves the right to modify the product data due to development